Relax. It’s Just Dinner.

Today’s one of those holidays that comes with a lot of pressure. The pressure of perfection, felt in everything from food to family, and I want to encourage you to look at this day and let all that it has the potential to be and then forget about it.


It’s just a meal.

Whether you eat turkey or ham or go full vegan, it’s just food. The pies can suck, the stuffing can be too moist, the turkey can be dry. It’s just food, and nobody’s ever had their lives ruined because of the cranberry sauce didn’t match the recipe from Pinterest.

And family? Let it be what it is: messy, crazy, annoying. Laugh when you can and tell stories. Don’t talk about politics, because honestly, will you change the political beliefs of anyone over dinner? Remind yourselves of the funny things you’ve shared over the years, tell stories about loved ones no longer with you.

But relax. Your dinner and day won’t be perfect. Your family will not be perfect. Some part of the meal will be just “okay,” and the kids will be loud and maybe obnoxious and somewhere along the course of the day feelings will get hurt.

So relax. Let the day be what it is. Remove the pressure.

Fill the day with whatever joy you can. Pause and be filled with thanksthinking.

But don’t worry about the rest.

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