All is Well

I first wrote these words to myself on this day two years ago: you are going to be okay. It’s amazing how much this phrase still resonates during the holidays.

Everyone needs the reminder, because everyone is facing something that grips them during this time of year. Whether its schedules and busyness, worries and fears, a permeating feeling lurks in the hearts of so many of us, and we wonder: am I going to be okay?

My reminder to you (and me, if I can be honest) is that yes, in the grand scheme of eternity and all that God can and will do in your life, you’ll be okay. Because the truth is, in spite of everything you hear and face and think about, all is well.


Because, as the beautiful, soaring Christmas song by Michael W. Smith reminds us,

All is well! All is well, angels and men, rejoice! For tonight, darkness fell into the dawn of love’s light! Sing Alleluia!

When Christ was born, it was not a quiet little moment in time. It was a blast of light, an explosion of love–grace–mercy–that burst into the darkest corners of the world, that shines into the dark places in your mind and heart.

That light, shining so incredibly brightly into all that is wrong, is why you are going to be okay. Whatever you are facing this Christmas, no matter how big or worrisome or frightening it may appear, will not overcome the breaking dawn of Christmas morning.

When the dark moments come–and they will–open them to that light and remind yourself that you are going to make it. You are going to be ok.

All is well.

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