What, Me Worry?

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?”  — Jesus.

I realized a few nights ago that I am a worrier.

I may not come across like one.  I’m a generally positive person, I have a lot of joy, and I find much pleasure in simple things.  But I worry far more than I need to.

I figure out of the 525,600 minutes i had allotted to me in 2011, I spent at least 50,000 of them worrying.

And here’s the sad thing: 99.9% of what I worried about never happened.  Every bill was paid.  We took vacations.  We traveled the country. Our lights stayed on. Our mortgage was paid. We had birthday parties and Christmas presents.

So I’m done.  Worry isn’t godly.  Worry isn’t a spiritual gift.  It’s a soul-sucking piece of nasty that the enemy uses to keep us from truly appreciating all of God’s blessings and providence in our lives.

Jesus said that nobody adds any time to their lives by worrying.  Nothing is accomplished by it.  No good comes of it.

So this next year will be the year where I fully embrace God’s grace and live my life “worry-free.”  The way that God intended me to live.  Resting on the promises of Christ, my Savior.

Happy New Year.

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