Why “The King’s Speech” Won Best Picture. (It was created to do so.)

The King’s Speech won because it had everything the Academy likes to honor in one film.  I’m not being sarcastic, because it was a good film, but I’m disappointed because it was just so obviously Oscar bait.  If there’s one thing Harvey Weinstein knows how to do, it’s to promote the heck out of a well-made but not necessarily deserving film and getting it an Oscar.  (I’m looking at you, Shakespeare in Love.)

The King’s Speech has everything older Oscar voters love to honor in movies.  And Academy Award history proves me correct:

+ Period Film (Out of 83 Oscars, 52 of them have been set in time periods other than the “present day.)
+ War Setting (30 films set during wartime, ancient history to present day)
+ Main Character Overcomes Adversity (60 films where protagonist overcomes odds to achieve something)
+ British Actors (31 films where main characters are played by Englishmen)
+ WWII Setting Specifically (since WWII, 16 films set in or having scenes during that war)

There have been many years when the Oscars have clearly gone to the wrong movie.




Like the above mentioned films,  there will come a day when film historians question the Academy’s choice for 2010’s Best Picture.  And they’ll say, “The King’s Speech was fine and well-acted.  But it probably didn’t deserve that Oscar…”

The best picture of the year was Toy Story 3.  But since there’s no way the Academy is going to give the Oscar to an animated film (in spite of the fact that it was the best reviewed movie of the year and the year’s biggest moneymaker), they should have given it to The Social Network. That movie captured the completely uninspiring story of the creation of Facebook and made it into something amazing, while making a completely unlovable protagonist interesting without redeeming him at all.

Sorry, your majesty, but I am “de-friending” your Oscar and giving it to the people who really deserves it.  Heck, you overcame a speech impediment.  Fine.  The heroes of my “best picture” overcame kidnapping, abandonment, torture, prison, ridicule, and the fact that they are in danger every time mom gets that “Goodwill look.”  Here’s to you, Woody and Buzz.  Thank you for 3 wonderful toy stories.


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  1. I agree, toy story 3 should have won. I did like the kings speech very much and was very happy that colin firth won best actor. I think he deserved it. I also very much enjoy your thoughts. Thank you for sharing.

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