A Quick Braindump

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  Not because I’ve not been writing–more about that in a minute–but because it’s been an incredibly busy several months.  Hard to believe I’m already on the last day of the 2nd month of 2011, but here we are.  I thought I’d just unload a few random thoughts into some equally random buckets and let it get sorted out.

1) Ministry.  My ministry at New Life Church has exploded over the past year.  This last Sunday, we had 903 kids and volunteers, with 499 kids alone at our 11 am service.  This changes everything and the way I look at what I do.  The average church size in America is 100 people.  I anticipate by the end of 2011 we will have 1300 kids and volunteers, which would put us into the ‘mega-church’ category.  And it will hopefully lead to a few more paid positions on my team.

2) Theology.  Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins, hasn’t even been published yet, but it appears that he is fully embracing the idea of universalism–meaning, nobody goes to hell and eventually everyone goes to heaven.  This is SO contrary to scripture, so against Biblical Christianity.  I posted a link to an article on my Facebook page–and received only 1 “like.’ I commented on the Oscars and received hundreds of comments.  What’s scary about this to me is that it’s clear we live in a day and age where Christians aren’t as concerned about bad theology as they need to be.  I don’t know what Rob Bell is up to, and I’ll find out more when I read the book, but this is a very slippery slope.

3) Writing.  I’ve been writing scripts and creating storylines.  I’ve written a 5 day VBC script called The Warrior Chronicles for a church in Ohio and am thrilled by how it has turned out.  A medieval sword and (not really) sorcery epic battle of good and evil with a girl hero.  I love the story, love the idea, and am going to do my best to actually novelize the whole thing.  I’m also writing a script for a big kids’ conference coming up here in the Northwest, and that has been challenging yet rewarding.  And once a month, David C. Cook publishes my lesson as part of its Real Life Download curriculum.  That is a very cool thing to be able to do.

4) Video Games.  I go in spurts when it comes to gaming.  I’ll not play hardly at all for months and then suddenly dive right back in.  Since Christmas, I’ve played Fable 3 (and beat it last week), Dragon Age: Awakenings, the expansion of my 2nd favorite Xbox game, Dragon Age: Origins, and started playing the epic Western, Red Dead Redemption, which has truly blown me away.  This year I’m looking forward to playing the new sequels to Dragon Age and Mass Effect, as well as the DLC for Alan Wake, Assassin’s Brotherhood, and the chapter in the Elder Scrolls series.  Yes, on this level, I am a complete dork.

5) Family.  Trying to establish greater connections to my children and wife is not easy.  We’re all busy, and we all get tired.  But I’m learning that intentionality in my interactions with my kids is going to be huge in helping them become the men and women I know God has created them to be.  I am blessed by good kids.  They are all good in different ways, and all of the bless me individually.  My goal is to bless them in the same way they bless me.

There.  That’s five big buckets that a lot of “stuff” is going into right now.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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