Not a Door

Not a Door
Not a Door

This is not a door.

The label on the “not a door” clearly states the fact.

And yet, I’m inclined to disbelieve the label in some ways.

This clearly was, at one time, a door.  There are hinges, a door frame, and that bright blue thing with the label on it is what I would call a door.

The only thing this not-a-door is missing is a handle.  Where the handle once was is now a metal plate, which must mean that it (the metal plate) is what makes it not a door.

Clearly there is a deeper meaning in this Smurf-blue former door.  What caused it to have a change in state?  Perhaps there’s a shelf now blocking the exit, or an extra office was needed and the door was covered up with some drywall.  Maybe this door was the way employees sneaked out of work early and a frustrated boss mandated the door permanently closed.  I  doubt if the door chose to stop being a door.  It didn’t wake up one day and say, “Hmm…I’ve ceased to be useful.  I’m gonna remove my handle and step out of life.”

I’m not sure.

But I know that when something is created for a purpose, when its purpose is thwarted, when it ceases to serve the reason it was created, it stops being what it was created to be.

You and I were created for more than just existence.  We were created for a purpose.  As a Christ-follower, I know that part of my purpose is to plant seeds of faith in the people I meet every day.  Part of my purpose is to grow roots deep into scripture and spiritual disciplines and relationships with others.  Part of my purpose is to bear fruit in the world by serving others and going out into a world that desperately needs to hear: you have a purpose.

The world is full of people who no longer know why they’re here.  Like a door that is not a door, they fill a space on the planet until they are removed.  The junk of life is piled up against them and they no longer feel like they are connected to something–someone has posted a sign on them that says, “Not a person.”  “Not a human.”  “Not important.”

My purpose is to remove that sign, open up that door, and to help people find that they do have a reason for existence, that they are important, and that they have value.

Opening this not-a-door will take work.  The hinges are dried up, the handle needs to be replaced and whatever stuff may be stuck behind it needs to be removed.  And once that is done, it can fulfill its purpose again.

And when the door is opened, the light will shine through.

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