It’s All About Faith

It’s all about faith.  It’s all about faith!
The beauty of belief in the hidden things!
It’s all about faith!

This is a song the kids learned at VBS this year.  I love this song and what it says, as I’m one of those adults who tends to not look at life through the eyes of a child–through the eyes of faith.

Tonight, the kids were singing this song and dancing around our bedroom.  It was great, especially to hear Autumn sing the song as close as she could.  She got out Audrey’s old Hannah Montana guitar and started rocking along with the song as it played on iTunes.  That in itself was pretty awesome.  But even better was that when it was all done, Autumn asked, “What is faith?”

I told her, “Faith is the assurance of things that we hope for, the conviction of things not seen.”

Robyn said, “You might want to choose a more three-year-old friendly definition.”

So I said, “Autumn, faith is knowing something is real even when you can’t see it.”

She thought for a minute and said, “Like what?” and Robyn said, “Like Jesus!”

“Oh, he lives in my heart,” said Autumn.  Which struck both Robyn and I as unusual, since we’ve talked about it several times with her.  She wondered about it quite a few times this year, but every time we brought it up, she said she didn’t want to do it yet.  So when she said he already lived there, we wondered when she had done it.  “Oh really?  When did that happen?”

“At VBS.”

“Really?”  I wondered if she could have–since on the last day of VBS, I had talked about heaven and the joy we can have when Jesus lives in our hearts and given all the kids an opportunity to accept Christ as their Savior.  But I didn’t think she had–typically she would have told us about something like that.  So I asked her, “Did you pray with Daddy at VBS?”


Oh.  So she hadn’t done it.  “Do you want Jesus to live in your heart?” Robyn asked.

It's All About Faith.“Yes,” Autumn answered with a shy grin.

I smiled, my heart was leaping with joy, and I said, “You know, Autumn, when Jesus lives in your heart, he takes away all the sin and bad things and replaces it with His love and peace and joy–”

“And faith?” she asked.

“And faith,” I said.  “When Jesus lives in your heart, you know that He will be your friend forever, and that He will be with you always.  Do you want to pray with Mommy and me and ask Jesus to live in your heart?”

She nodded, and we all prayed.  It did my heart joy to hear her little voice repeating the words I said, “Dear Jesus, thank you for loving me.  Thank you for dying for me.  Thank you for living again.  Please forgive me of my sins and come into my heart.  Please be my Savior and be my friend forever.  I love you, Jesus.  In Your name, Amen.”

Robyn and squeezed her hard, hugs of joy.  She smiled at both of us and jumped up and started singing, “It’s all about faith!”

I told her all of heaven was rejoicing,  that the angels were shouting, “Yay, Autumn!” and though that may not be absolutely spot-on doctrine, it’s what my little girl needed to hear.  A reminder that her personal decision was a mighty wonderful thing to celebrate, and that this day, August 23, would forever be a day we would remember with her.  I had faith on the day she was born that someday she would come to know the Savior who has made all the difference in my life.  I’ve had faith over the past three years that God would present the right moment and that we would be responsive to when she was ready.

And now I have faith that God will take her from this moment, where her innocent heart opened to receieve the greatest gift ever offered, through every next moment of her life, and that Jesus will truly be her friend forever, the Savior who loves her, and that He will guide her along the paths of righteousness.  (And help her to be a little less of a stinker, albeit an absolutely beautiful and adorable stinker.)

It’s amazing, but my three year old reminded me of something I so frequently forget: It really is all about faith.


  1. This brought me to tears. What a JOY to pray this prayer with your children! All four of my children asked Jesus to be their Savior right around 4 years of age…and God has been faithful to hold them fast. God will hold Autumn fast all of her days.

    The day Ian ask Christ into his heart, I took a photo of him holding up the “one way Jesus” index finger. Three years later, I did the same for Ryan. Not until I put the photos side by side, did I realize that the clothes Ian had worn the day he accept Christ were handed down to Ryan…and on Ryan’s special day he was wearing the exact same clothes that Ian had worn.
    As a side note, do you sell you writing? This is a wonderful story.

    • Thanks for your comments–they are very much appreciated. 🙂 It’s an honor to be a parent in the first place–it’s even more of an honor to share my faith with my kids. We make sure they call their grandparents, too, so they know what happened on the big day. It helps make it “solid” for them and it was even cuter when Autumn went in and told her big sister and brother and they both gave her big hugs of celebration.

      I may screw up, but at least I know my kids are in the right hands. 🙂 (And yes, I do try to sell some of my writing from time to time. I love to write, so it’s fun when I get paid to do what I love.)

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