Thanksgiving: Day 3



I’m grateful for faithfulness.

According to Webster, faithfulness is

true to one’s word, promises, vows, etc.

steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant: faithful friends.

reliable, trusted, or believed.

I am grateful for the faithfulness of my wife.  Through thick and thin over 14 years of marriage, she has proved to be all of those things: true to her word, promise and vow.  She is steady in her allegiance and affection to me, loyal to our marriage.  She is the constant in a world of ups and downs, and there is no more “faithful friend” than she.

She is always reliable.  She is always trustworthy.  She can always be believed.

In another way, I’m thankful for the faithfulness of my heavenly Father.  He also is trustworthy.  He always fulfills His promises.  He is always reliable and steadfast.  His Word is true and can always be believed.  Through ups and downs, through trials and triumphs, He is always there.

There’s a reason a song about Him is called, “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”

I am grateful today for faithfulness.

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