Glaciers, Waterfalls, & Wonders

I didn’t think I could be that amazed by Glacier National Park.

It’s high.  It has glaciers.  It has a famous road.

But I was unprepared.

I can’t begin to describe it in words.

Going-to-the-Sun Road, which is nothing short of the most beautiful road I’ve ever driven on, is a marvel.  As the sun broke through the clouds of the various peaks, as we began climbing from the valley floor, the light danced on the cliffs, sparkling through the waterfalls–even now, trying to describe it the way I saw it sounds like the bad writing of a 9th grader struggling with too many adjectives.

Like a Song for My Soul

The road is right on the cliffs.  As we drove, Robyn reached out and touched the cliff walls.  We pulled over frequently, stopping to gaze in wonder at waterfalls.  We saw rivers with water so blue they looked fake.  Waterfalls so thunderous, waterfalls so misty, they took my breath away.  Whenever I thought we’d topped it, another one appeared around the bend.

A fawn ran alongside our van as we drove up the mountainside.  It licked Autumn’s hand.  It ate an apple from Robyn’s hand.  (Technically not okay in a National Park, but hey, we were 4,000 feet in the air on the side of a cliff standing next to a beautiful fawn.  We had to do it.)  It ran alongside the van again.

Every waterfall was like a whisper from God directly to my soul, reminding me of His love for me in creating such a wonderful world.  Robyn was almost giddy from the beauty, from the cliffs.  It was like Glacier spoke to the deepest part of our souls and reminded us who we are and Who created us to enjoy such beauty.

We recently watched The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. Each National Park had a champion, someone who felt the land called and spoke to them in its own way.  John Muir had Yosemite.  For us, I think Glacier is that Park.  I could drive up and down the Going-to-the-Sun Road every day for the rest of my life and discover something new.  I want to return, to explore the curves and cliffs, to hear the thunder of the water, and watch the animals live so free at such heights.

I want to live at such heights.  Perhaps, in the New Heaven and New Earth that my Heavenly Father is creating, I will.

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