Heaven’s Fairer Eye

Christmas is less than a month away.  The buying, the carol-singing, the decorating, suddenly all of these things are the most important and I’m filled with what some sage has termed, “the spirit of the season.”

But I pause.  I stop and I reflect and look at those carols.

They are songs to be sung at Christmastime.

They bring good cheer and warmth to an otherwise cold and hostile world.

They are taken from their resting places (where we stuffed them January 1) and sung with cheerful voices.

So, because they are well-loved, because they are part of the most-loved holiday of the year, I want to look at them.  I want to do more than sing the words or hum the tunes.  I want to look into them and understand why.

Why they are so well-loved.

Why they are shared by all mankind.

Why they help us understand the Christ of whom they speak.

Pause with me, will you?

Get a mug of spiced cider and put on your favorite Christmas album.  Curl up in your most comfortable chair and let’s sing them and share them and love them.

And maybe, while we do, we’ll find something more.

I will be sharing a new story inspired by a classic Christmas carol several times a week between now and Christmas.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts and stories with you.

One comment

  1. Thanks for sharing! Are you (your family) a listener of Adventures in Odyssey? They just had a story, A Thanksgiving Carol. A cute twist… especially with “cutbacks”.

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