Those Who Spoke

Just was reminded of the importance of speaking into someone’s life.  There are people in each of our lives who have said the right word, spoken encouragement, in a moment that we may not have known at the time, but would impact us for the rest of our lives.  There are people who have done that in my life.  I would like to just say thank you to:

Glenna Frederick.
As my favorite teacher in high school, Fred frequently reminded me of the fact that God had created me with talent so it could be used for something more.

Bryan Peterson.
Mr. Peterson and I didn’t get along very well at first.  But eventually, he became a mentor in many ways.  One of the most important things he said to me was, “You have talent.  Add some discipline to that and you will go far.”  Sadly, this is a lesson I am still consistently having to learn.

Loren Wiebe.
Mr. Wiebe was the director of the Biola Chorale.  He encouraged me to embrace a deeper understanding of my faith, to encourage me to go deeper in my search for God.  He also taught me a lot about appreciating the wonder of the Cross of Christ.  His version of “Spirit of God,” which we sang at every Chorale concert, reminds me to “wean [my heart] from earth” on a daily basis.

Laurie Connolly.
My boss at the Writing Lab, and one of my favorite English professors, Laurie helped me believe strongly in my ability to write.  She challenged my ability like no one before or since.

Elizabeth Pelham.
Elizabeth directed a couple plays I performed in at Overlake Christian Church.  She was passionate about asking bigger questions through art, and challenged me to not accept pat answers as  the resolution to the world’s trouble.

Dave Morgan.
My boss at Overlake, Dave was someone who I did not fully appreciate at the time.  His passion for people and his love of relationship-building I originally saw as being too nice.  Now I see it was how he survived on a church staff for more than 20 years, with people who loved to serve with him.  His wisest words to me: “As far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”  Bam.

Troy Jones.
My senior pastor and new boss at New Life, Troy has already spoken much into my life in the six months I’ve been on staff.  The zeal with which he honors the past while looking to the future encourages me to realize that people are what make all the difference.  It’s not talent, it’s not ability, it’s your relationship with people that truly matter.

There are probably a few more.  As I think about them, I will let you know.  🙂

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