The Hand of God

The Hand of God?
The Hand of God?

This image has been making the rounds recently, and it’s quite an amazing one. This kind of thing just blows my mind, but helps me again come to the realization that there’s no freaking way everything we know about the universe could have just happened by accident.

This is actually an x-ray photograph of something called a pulsar, a tiny, dying, but still-powerful star. They spin like crazy and light up the space around them. It’s official title is “PSR B1509-58,” but I like to call it the “Hand of God.”

The scene, which spans 150 light-years, is about 17,000 light years away, so what we see now is how it actually looked 17,000 years ago, and that light is just arriving here.

Wow. My mind is blown away by stuff like this. But still, looking at, it’s hard not to wonder if this maybe isn’t just a cosmic Polaroid of what went on the day God created the heavens and the earth. We may be small, but we have a very very big God.

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