It Doesn’t Start With the Manger

The story of Christmas doesn’t begin in Bethlehem. It begins at the beginning of time when two people willfully disobey God’s one command, shattering the relationship between the Creator and His creation.

The very day that sin enters the world, God promises that a Savior, the Messiah, will come… someday. Abraham, Jacob, Ruth, David, all the prophets—they ask, “When?” And God’s only answer is “Someday.”

Then God stops speaking. He is silent and His people wonder when that promised day will come. For 400 years they wonder: “When?”

Someday finally comes when an angel appears to a young woman, delivering words from God, whose voice hasn’t been heard in generations, telling her that “When” is now. And all of heaven pauses to hear her response.

“May it be to me just as you have said,” says Mary. The promise of a relationship with God comes to fruition, and what was fractured at time’s beginning is forever healed.

This is the Christmas story: the Creator loved His creation so much that He went to the greatest length possible to have a relationship with people like you and me.

But it’s no longer “someday.” It’s now. Because He is here.

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