I. Must. Write.

I’ve got to get in the habit of doing this every day, and not just occasionally. I love to write, and part of my problem is I want to have something pithy or important to say. Sadly, I don’t always have an amazing story to share or something to write about.

But one thing I learned in college, particularly from one Laurie Bowers Connolly, who was a brand-new college professor and my soon to be boss at the Biola Writing Lab, was that sometimes you just need to write to get the writing going. Open the brain, begin the firing of all those neurons, and eventually, once you’ve written the junk out, you may come up with one good sentence.

So, here’s hoping that I get writing again, and actively pursue the idea of writing regularly, I can come up with at least one good sentence. And maybe, just maybe, I can make it two.

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