She Smiled

The Girl With the Smile

It was her smile that did it to me.

I’d known her for over a year.  We worked for the same company, although we rarely worked together.  My schedule had me working mornings while she worked evenings.  I had only met her once, when she had first started, and I hadn’t been all that impressed.

Maybe it’s because at the time I wasn’t really looking, and neither was she.  We were just two people working in the same place–never at the same time–and it probably would have stayed that way.

But then we ended up going out with a bunch of mutual friends.  She was just coming to work when I saw her and asked her to join us.  “You should come,” I said.  “We’re going to Red Robin after the store closes.”

She smiled.

That was the beginning of it all.  That smile.  It was amazing.  It came from her heart, made her eyes dance, and turned her whole face into some sort of radiant light.  I’d never seen a smile like it.

“Okay, sounds like fun,” she said.  “I’ll see you there.”

That night we met up with other co-workers.  I wore shorts and a green baseball cap I’d purchased from the Gap.  She teased me and said I looked like I was barely 20 years old.  She also called my hat a “Baby Gap” hat.

But she smiled.  She smiled a lot that night.

I remember thinking that smile was amazing.  The more I looked at her, the more I realized just how beautiful she was.  She had beautiful hair, gorgeous eyes.  But that smile.  It was her smile that made the rest of her face shine.

I knew I wanted to be around that smile some more.  I was a little shy–she was beautiful, after all, and I was a bit uncertain about myself.  Girls like her didn’t usually fall for guys like me.  I was bookish, short, somewhat nerdy.  But that smile intoxicated me.

The next day, we happened to work together.  “A bunch of people are going out again tonight,” I said to her during her lunch break.

“Are you going?” she asked.

“If you are,” I answered.

And she smiled again.

I still feel the same way about her smile.

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