Road Trip 2009: The Second Day

After a great first day, we got off to a slow start again on the second day.

We slept in a bit, ate an awkward breakfast with the rest of the residents of the Comfort Inn–awkward because we are a family of six being forced to sit and eat at a table created for four.  We made it work, and the kids enjoyed making their own Belgian waffles.  Robyn and I were both amazed at how much food Austen could eat: poppyseed muffin, bowl of cereal, biscuits and gravy, a Belgian waffle, glass of juice and a glass of milk.  Where does it all go?

Robyn took the kids to enjoy the sites in Seaside while I took the car over to get an oil change.  The light had been on for awhile, and I didn’t want to put another several thousand miles on the car without getting it done.  I was 1/2 a quart low, so I guess that was a good idea.

We finally pulled out of Seaside at about 11 and headed south down Highway 101.  It was so beautiful–the sun was shining off and on, and we managed to stop at several beautiful spots heading south.  We looked for One-Eyed Willie’s ship near Haystack

Audrey and AUsten at Haystack Rock.  Where is One-Eyed Willie?
Audrey and AUsten at Haystack Rock. Where is One-Eyed Willie?

Rock in Cannon Beach, stopped in Tilamook to eat a picnic (actually stopped twice–the first place, a riverside park, was full of bird poop, bugs, and everyone got the heebie-jeebies; the second place smelled like a dairy farm, but was quite pretty, and the kids had a great time running around), and oohed and ahhed over the amazingly beautiful “Devil’s Churn,” which the kids loved, too.

Robyn drove the last leg of the trip and we all played “Name That Tune” with the iPod.  I am amazed at how good my kids are at knowing movie themes, Disney songs (including obscure ones like “Quack Quack Quack Donald Duck” and the theme from “The Swamp Fox”), and showtunes.  We played for close to two hours, and kept our eyes on the beautiful shoreline of the Oregon coast.

We entered California as the sun set and headed happily to our hotel in Crescent City.  At about 9:30 pm, we pulled into the parking lot of the Northwoods Inn and I went in to check in.  We’d made our reservation over a month ago, so I wasn’t worried about anything–until the hotel night manager said, “I’m sorry, we had to give away your room.”

I looked at her.  “What?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, but we had to give away your room.”

“But I had a reservation.”

“I know.”

“Then we should have a room.  That’s why I made a reservation.”

“I know how a reservation works.”

“I don’t think you do.  Anyone can take a reservation.  It’s the holding of the reservation that is so important.”

Yes, it turned into a surreal Seinfeldian nightmare, but she had definitely given away our room and we had nowhere to stay.  We found a room at the Super 8 next door (why are they called “Super?”  That is false advertising).  It was pretty gross, but better than the last Super 8 we had stayed in outside of Cody, Wyoming nearly 3 years ago.  At this point, we just wanted a bed.

The air conditioning didn’t work, and I’m pretty sure there were a lot of hidden stains on the blankets, but at least they were beds.  Thank goodness we brought our portable fan–eventually we fell asleep.  After closing the window so the smoke from the smoking rooms didn’t make us all smell like, well, you know.

Long day.  A little diappointing at the end, but at least we slept safely and paid a lot less than we could have.  Luckily, we experienced the Devil’s Churn, and for me and the kids, that was a major highlight!

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