Whether you’ve known me for years or have recently discovered me thanks to my books Resting Merry or Let Go, whether we have been friends forever or only recently met, I’m thankful you’ve joined me on this journey.

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I’ve always loved writing and have had a passion for it since the 3rd grade. Until the last couple years, though, I have not pursued it with much gusto. After a year of change in my life caused me to really struggle with my place in the world, I found that the more I wrote and shared, the more my voice resonated with people. People like me, full of great love and passion and hope, yet feeling lost at times, wondering how God could ever do something great in our lives again.

I began writing longer form articles and musings on my personal Facebook page, and I began working on a book about the journey I was on.  But I couldn’t finish it–something inside me wasn’t ready to finish it. So I jumped into a subject I really loved and had written about a lot over 20 years: Christmas.

72453957_10157021892176608_7439189205588115456_oThis became my first published work in nearly 20 years: Resting Merry: Discovering Joy & Peace at Christmas. The response to that book was incredible, and the personal stories and notes shared with me helped me see that my unique voice may actually have something to say after all.

The follow up book, Let Go: Accepting Where You Are Today So You’ll Be Ready for Where You’ll Be Tomorrow, has also seen a great response, as people have told me its unique blend of warmth, humor, and honesty was an encouraging reminder to not give up.

So, welcome!  I’m glad you’re here.  Here, you’ll find a collection of writings, from personal stories to reflections (or musings) on everything from faith to holidays to parenting, along with short stories, and more.  You’ll find links to my books on Amazon, artwork I’ve created for sale on Redbubble.  Here, I can share longer thoughts I don’t mind being public, share insights on things I’m thinking about with the world at large, and also give updates about new works, speaking engagements, and more.

I’m honored you have joined me on this journey! I am grateful to have your support and pray that the words I write will encourage you and give you hope.  May God help all of us journey together to the future He has created for us–the future He created each of us specifically to live.

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