Taking a Break from Facebook

After being a constant user since I first joined Facebook in 2007, I am taking a conscious break.

I have deactivated my account for the time being. It was a choice both my wife and I made, realizing the power the social network has for creating problems in our lives because in a social media world, you really don’t have privacy.

We are taking a break and it will be weird to not have posts to create or to share thoughts or updates. But I guess that’s what a blog is for, what Twitter is for. I can share my thoughts in longer form here, and give quick thoughts on life on Twitter.

I love Facebook and will not delete my account, but I think it’s a good idea to take a break from social networks for awhile and connect with your friends the old fashioned way.

By texting.

2 responses to “Taking a Break from Facebook

  1. I will miss you and all of your Disneyland updates and knowledge. I hope you come back to facebook, but I totally understand the reasoning behind taking a break.

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