Sing Sing Sing!

And make music with our voices.

This Chris Tomlin tune reminded me of the importance of singing outloud when worshiping. There are lots of ways to worship. People worship sitting down, standing up. They worship in cathedrals and on mountaintops. Some worship to drums and guitars, others to pipe organ. But worship requires something of all of us, no matter where we are, or what style we prefer. Worship requires our voices.

Not an inner monologue that we say silently to God. Worship is not a private conversation between you and your Savior, your Creator, your Father, your Friend. Worship is a verbal shout out, a blast of your voice joining the music of the heavens–your notes becoming one with the eternal song that has been resonating since the foundation of the world.

As I drove to work this morning, I was already stressed out. Irritated about circumstances and relationships, I needed something to take me out of myself and get me focused on something else–an Other who is greater than me.

This song came on my iPod, and it changed the entire rest of the commute. Sitting in traffic, I wasn’t irritated because my voice was singing. Unashamedly, not worried what those in the cars around me would think, I made music with the heavens. I lifted my voice, lifted high the name of above all names, the most precious name–the name of Jesus.

Audibly, loudly, my voice cracking because it was still not warmed up, my song joined the song being sung by the angels. The song being sung by the planets and stars as they orbit. The song being hummed by the rocks and trees and rivers. My song joined their song, as together we praised and worshiped the Creator.

Sing. Aloud. Loudly. Let it out. Don’t keep your worship quiet. The heavens declare the glory of God–join the song, and be changed.

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