What Did You Accomplish This Month?

Whatever you did, it’s probably more than what President Obama achieved.

I mean, seriously.  In spite of a failing plan in Libya, a disaster brewing and being ignored in Syria, devastating storms in the South and Midwest, a collapsing dollar, oil prices skyrocketing, and pretty much a ton of other things that a president should bring leadership to, our President did not accomplish anything on those fronts.

Nope.  President Obama’s big accomplishment for April 2011?  Doing something that takes less skill than opening a Netflix account.

He managed to call a low-level government employee and authorize getting a copy of his birth certificate.

I did that for my kids’ schooling.  It took me about 10 minutes.

Signing up for Netflix and activating it on my Xbox?  About 20.

So there you go.  Whatever you managed to do this month, you accomplished more than President Obama.  Of course, he would like you to think that finally showing his Birth Certificate is a big deal.  And Chris Matthews, the MSNBC host whose leg tingles frequently, called it a “Perry Mason moment” and how masterful the whole thing was handled.


While the world goes to hell around him, at least we can confirm he was born in Hawaii.  Great job, Mr. President.

2 responses to “What Did You Accomplish This Month?

  1. Well, he brokered a budget deal – the single largest cost reduction in U.S. history. Most experts say he did a masterful job with Libya, combining diplomatic and military power, yet not putting “boots on the ground”. He sure hasn’t ignored Syria – many have complained his decision to involve the CIA in the matter. The dollar has a direct effect on gas prices, both of which are subject to global monetary forces. At least he’s not Donald Trump, who said he would tell Canada “Enough, you’ve had you’re fun.” Obama has, however, issued about a dozen permits for off-shore drilling over the last few weeks, the most in such a short time span ever.
    I can tell you don’t much care for the man, but he has accomplished some things of note lately.
    Thanks for your time.

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