Goodbye to Cable

It’s getting easier and easier to bid farewell to the monopoly that is Comcast and its fellow cable providers.

With the addition of Hulu Plus to the Xbox, you can enjoy practically everything you enjoy on tv without the price tag.

Cable is about $90/month.  Add that up for a year and you’re looking at nearly $1200 for the privilege of watching television.

With an internet connection, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Xbox Live Gold, plus a regular antenna, you will pay $600 a year for the privilege of watching television.  (If you don’t have an Xbox, you’ll need to drop that $200 as well, but you’re still under by $400 to just cable.)

With Hulu Plus, you get every season of literally hundreds of shows, including almost everything currently on Fox, ABC, NBC, PBS, and several cable networks.  With Netflix, you get thousands of shows, movies, plus stuff that isn’t available anywhere else (like Mad Men, which will begin streaming all of its seasons this summer).  With an antenna to pick up local HD programming (for those times you don’t want to wait to watch something the next day), you’re covered.

And with the Xbox (unlike an Apple TV, which is another good way to go), you also get a fantastic gaming system that has games for everyone in the family.

You can say goodbye to cable.  And save hundreds of dollars each year.

4 responses to “Goodbye to Cable

  1. I have considered this several times. We will be moving in a couple months and cable may not come with us to the next place 🙂

    I wish Hulu would reach some kind of agreement with CBS…

    • There is a way to stream CBS through their website to your Xbox. A program called “PlayOn” can be purchased for $10, which gives you the basic access to a few channels. I use it to specifically stream CBS, as well as videos (if you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you have their streaming videos as well). It’s actually pretty easy to use.

  2. Cut the Cable 4 months ago and don’t miss. Still pay for internet to make Hulu and Netflix work but since I have an iPad and iPhone apple TV has been a awesome with this airplay. I bought Apple TV on one months savings from cable…. Awesome. Hulu Plus on Xbox is a win.


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