One Child

Christmas is the season of light and hope.

It’s the celebration of that moment in time when heaven and earth met—when God wrapped himself in humanity and became not a conquering hero, but a tiny, helpless baby.  Just one child among millions born into this world.  And yet, this One Child—this is the One Child that cannot be forgotten or ignored.

History is full of moments when its course was forever changed because just one child was born.

Imagine, for just a moment, what the world would have been like if Jonas Salk had never been born—we might never have found a vaccine for polio—and millions of children might still be suffering from that disease today.  Imagine a world without Abraham Lincoln.  We might be living still in a divided nation—half slave, half free.  Without the birth of Julius Caesar, there would have been no Roman empire, without Guttenberg, no printing press.

Of course, recent history, history that still holds us captive, was forever changed because of just one child’s birth.  A child that grew up to hijack a plane—a child that grew up to be a rescue worker.  Our collective memories can picture these people—and realize that our lives have been changed because these people were born.  You see, one child can make a difference in this world.

One Child has made the difference in this world.

That One Child, Jesus Christ, who came to earth not just to affect human history and change the world—but to affect your history and change your life.  This One Child, born in an obscure village in a tiny corner of the Roman empire, became the centerpiece of all history.  Our calendars are based on His birth.  Every year the entire world stops and celebrates His arrival.  Oh, it gets a bit more obscured every year.  “Happy Holidays” and eliminations of the name of the actual day are just more obvious attempts to pretend that His birth doesn’t matter.  And yet–for all of the obscuring, for the attempts to wipe away the word “Christmas,” it is still there.  Obvious.  Obscure it all you want, it won’t be ignored.


Because this One Child was born to do something no other child was born to do: to give.  To give hope to the hopeless, joy to the joyless—to be a friend to those in need.  This Child grew up to be the Man who changed the world—the Man who conquered death with life and stands ready today, ready to tell you that your life does matter—that you do make a difference—and that His love is all you need.

As this year’s celebration of His birth draws to a close, I pray that your life will be impacted–and perhaps changed–by the One Child who forever changed the world.

Merry Christmas!

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