Just a Few Quick Thoughts

Here’s a few things on my mind today:

1) Good memories of times gone by.  For some reason, Robyn wanted to watch the video of Home for Christmas, the 2004 Living Christmas Tree at Overlake, and in my opinion, the best of all the shows I created.  So fun watching people I love doing what they are good at.  Hard to believe 5 years have gone by, and how much life has changed in that time.

2)  Soccer dads.  At Austen’s soccer game this morning there was one father who was obnoxious.  Yelling at the kids the entire game, and the coach, who is quite nice, won’t just tell him to shut up.  God protect me from ever acting like that.  He was such a jerk.

3)  Christmas.  Not the holiday as much as the music and the feelings it evokes in me.  Since it’s October, we’ve begun introducing instrumental Christmas music into the music playlists, and I must say, I enjoy it.  I would love to have just a bit more.  Not Andy Williams yet, but there’s a few more out there I would like to listen to.

4)  My wife.  She is beautiful, gorgeous, and the love of my life.  I am so grateful to God for the blessing she is to me, for the joy she brings me, and for all we have gone through together.  I am very blessed to be married to her.

That’s all for now.

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