The Last Day

Today is the last day of my thirties.  As of tomorrow, I begin another decade of my life.  Seems crazy, because I really don’t feel like I’ve been around that long.

Milestones of the past 10 years:

  1. Experienced the healing power of God’s mercy and forgiveness when met with my broken and contrite heart.
  2. Celebrated a decade of marriage to the most amazing and wonderful woman in the world.
  3. Experienced the births of three of my four children.  (Audrey was born while still in my twenties.)
  4. Won the Disney Spirit Award for best exemplifying the “Disney way” shortly before leaving my career with Disney Consumer Products.
  5. Went to work at Overlake Christian Church, where I stayed for seven years.  Actually started there the day after my 30th birthday.
  6. Created, produced and directed 14 theatrical productions and 120 weekly variety shows.
  7. Published 3 more books in The Bear Necessities series.
  8. Bought a house and a minivan.
  9. Paid off a car and a minivan.
  10. Got out of debt.  (Got back into debt when I was unemployed for six months.)
  11. Discovered the joy of iTunes, iPods, and digital music.
  12. Made amazing friendships with people who I cherish.
  13. Took many roadtrips:  to Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in Canada, two to Disneyland, several to Montana, and one 6,000 mile trip across the American West, not to mention all the short trips here and there.
  14. Led the SCS Theatre Arts students to three consecutive victories at the ACSI District Speech Meet in Hayden, Idaho.
  15. Received only 1 parking ticket.
  16. Painted 15 rooms in 3 houses.
  17. Laughed and giggled with my children while playing “Knock Out” and pretty much any other game we play.
  18. Fell into an even deeper love with my wife.
  19. Attended four conferences in Atlanta, taught twice at Saddleback Church, and helped lead two Vacation Bible Schools in Hudson, Ohio.
  20. Became a freelance graphic designer.
  21. Went back into pastoring at New Life Church, where I am the Creative Director–which is pretty much the best job ever.
  22. Played countless hours of games on the Xbox 360, particularly Zuma, Oblivion, Mass Effect, and Viva Pinata.
  23. Came in 3rd at the National Disney Trivia Competition in Disneyland, thus earning the title “Disney Triviateer.”
  24. Experienced the joy of healing relationships through the power of forgiveness.
  25. Discovered my 2nd favorite fast food restaurant: Sonic Drive-In.
  26. Said goodbye to a grandfather and a good friend.
  27. Went to Disneyland six times.
  28. Went to nearly 300 job interviews and sent out nearly 2,000 resumes.
  29. Read at least 200 books.
  30. Prayed more than I can count, hoped more than I thought possible, and believed not as often as I should have.
  31. Discovered the joy of blogging, Facebook, and online connectivity.
  32. Completely gave up Diet Coke.  And am now trying to do it again.
  33. Grew closer in relationships with my family and my in-laws.
  34. Gave mostly A’s, a few B’s, and only two C’s to my students.
  35. Went back to school.  Should be done by mid-September.
  36. Realized that my past does not predicate my future.
  37. Led two of my children to Christ.
  38. Reconnected with some very old and dear friends thanks to the power of the Internet.
  39. Got a bit more involved in politics.
  40. Learned I still have so much to learn.

What will the next decade of my life bring?  I’m  not sure.  But if it’s anything like the last ten years, I know I’ll love, get hurt, lose friendships, develop relationships, cry, laugh, mourn, rejoice.  I will strive to be all that God has created me to be while impacting the world around me for His glory.

Goodbye, 30’s.  You were enjoyed.

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