Things I’m Enjoying Right Now

1) Stratego.  The classic game is one of Austen’s favorites, and he and I have really enjoyed playing this game recently.  He is pretty amazing at it–counting how many of each kind of soldier you have left.  I’m thinking he would be good at counting cards in Vegas…

2) CSI:NY.  Out of all the CSI shows, this one keeps getting better, and I think it’s because Gary Sinise is such a great actor.  I enjoy the supporting cast as well, and there’s less sex than there is on the other two versions of this show.

3) Sunshine.  It is so nice outside right now.  Beautiful weather lifts the spirits and makes everything seem better, doesn’t it?

4) Less DC.  Working on cutting it out entirely again,  but it’s getting there.

5) Facebook.  Love Facebook, love seeing how things are going on in my friends’ lives, and love that I can hide the people that annoy me without “de-friending” them.  Love also how it shows how diverse my friends are–so many political sides of the spectrum, so many walks of life, etc.

6) Work.  I have the greatest jobs in the world.

7) My Wife.  Robyn is amazing.  She took great care of me over the weekend, and I am so madly in love with her it makes me a little crazy.  Needless to say, I saved the best for last.

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